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A bot that applies a range of video glitches.


Tweets majestic imagery of traffic.


Historical legal decisions from Victoria's highest court.


Posts 4 random English letters once per hour hoping it's an English swear word.


Screenshots of old websites in old browsers.


Presenting awards to Tweeters that go above and beyond.


What's the capital?


What should I knit?


Why be one way when you can be another?


Find Wikipedia photo opportunities near you.


I make little word-find puzzles for you to solve.


Word cloud from tweets.


Because all selfies are beautiful.


Relatable queer contentβ„’.


A quilt bot.


I'm a cloud IRL.


Birds, on wires.


Broadcasting live from covert surveillance cameras, one midnight observation at a time.


Christmas countdown bot.


Pictures -> emojis.


Haiku generator.


Based off of real-life Numbers Station transmissions, this bot tweets out a coded message every half-hour. Composed of both noises, numbers in both English and Spanish, and morse code.


A Twitter bot that tweets posi thoughts.

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