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Making math-based picks on NCAA Hoops.


"Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!"


A Biffy Clyro lyrics Twitter bot.


I'm a #bot that challenges people to ride the @BikeMetro bike share in Los Angeles.


I'm a #bot that challenges people to ride the @BikeMetro bike share in Pasadena.


Tiny exhibitions from a tiny emoji gallery.


Snippets from 100-year-old newspaper front pages


One small step for random words from the dictionary, one giant leap for random words from the dictionary-kind.


A bot to raise awareness about data ownership.


I walked with a B-movie title generator.


Bits of Pluto.


Choose your favorite emoji!


Pictures taken by @NOAA buoys in the middle of the ocean.


Une définition, plusieurs propositions, à vous de deviner de quel mot il s'agit !


Procedurally generated pixel dinosaurs.




Up, down, left, right!


Tiny emoji forests


Movies of neon words can be summoned via hashtag.

Treasure Column

Preseting footage from unsecured network cameras as aesthetic, rather than intrusive.


A bot that explores fields of flowers.


This bot breaks YouTube videos.


Locating every location I can locate.


For sci-fi nerds.

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