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Home taping is killing music.


โš  this folder is empty!


A bot that combines @brutalistengine and @trianglify.


Let's settle this once and for all.

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File โ†’ Settings โ†’ More settings โ†’ Advanced settings โ†’ Yes, I'm sure.


Your next fashion statement.


Get roasted by Shakespeare, you reeky boil-brained barnacle.


Things that Trump might ban.


Did nintendo just announce a new Zelda game???


Remember Skool Daze?


Just relax.


Photos with that 1980s feel.


Maybe the real bots are the friends we made along the way.


Sweet knuckle tats.


Computer...zoom in!


Why bother going to school, you can learn all your chemistry from Trump.


Generates beautiful triangle background images


"Guys. It's time for some game theory."


Me at home VS me in public.


Cheer up, Keanu!


Celebrating $10 by Hitchhiker.


A bot that tweets ASCII art.


When you're in the zone, your tea gets cold. That's life. Drink up!

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