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Bot inspired by Mary Blair's Small World art.


Generates random Goosebumps book covers.




Tweet-sized crosswords once a day.


Exploration of cellular automata, lo-fi colour, and symmetry.


Procedurally generated photos from that one party.


Revealing the hidden beauty of the clitoris.


The Binary Generator invents unnecessary binaries to fit things into.


A patriot bot.


A generative picture bot!


Computer-generated art, updated four times a day.


Word as color.


Parodies of I ❤ NY for cities around the world.


Generates random L-systems.


Procedurally generated vector graphics of robots.


Fictional US presidential candidates.


Bot that constructs random 16×16 tiles with the NES color palette.


It's a lock!


Announcing Harper Lee's new novel


Birds, on wires.


A bot that explores fields of flowers.

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