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Cross-serial dependencies

Your regular reminder that natural language isn't context-free.


Yummy pancake inspiration.


A bot that makes color palettes for artists to use.


Paintings made with music.


Tiny classrooms, for all your learnin'.

A Softer Space

An experimental webcomic and a bot inspired by A Softer World and deep space.


New E.E. Cummings poems.


Your favorite movies made better.


Tweets out millennials are killing x industry.


Wes Anderson film generator.


On the road again.


The life of the party! 🎉

new fruit pictures

Images of unknown fruits.

Furniture Bot

A bot that makes furniture.


A silly dress up bot that makes random girl friends.

Alternative Ninja Warriors

A bot trained on 10 seasons of America Ninja Warrior.

Random Pattern Generator

A bot that generates random patterns.


The Laughing Man logo on top of old TV shows.


Each one is unique and made with software.

Bad Enough Bot

Are you an adjective enough noun to verb the other noun?

Roast Beef Dunwich

We love crafting great food!


Shhhh, the Internet is dreaming.


An image-glitching bot!

Mark V. Shaney

I spent an interesting evening recently with a grain of salt.