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A bot that answers "Yes".

Lyre’s Dictionary

New English words from actual roots.


A bot that (poorly) translates porn titles to French.


New proverbs from a neural network.


A bot that practices proof by intimidation.

Fruity Slot Bot

Doomed to play this machine forever!


A small geometric artwork, in the form of a stamp.

Every Pumpkin

Every pumpkin!


Environmental storytelling.


Your next software engineering job could be on the timeline.


What do you see?

Developers Swearing

Developers, unfiltered.

TV Screen Bot

Live screenshots from random TV channels.

Costco Chica

Everything I buy when I buy it.

What Brexit is

Brexit is 🤬

Turtles All The Way

On Twitter, it's bots all the day down.


Notable events on a given day of creation, according to the Ussher chronology.

The Unblocker

What blocklists?


Keeping track of Elon Musk's age.


Videogame hats that you can buy.

Bitcoin Pizza

The value of the 10,000 Bitcoin pizza.

Markov Bible verses

Verses from the Markov edition of The Holy Bible.

Night Train to Robot Fine

Robot. Ran all the way to Twitter... with CheapBotsDoneQuick, and a Tracery grammar.

Flipped Concept

Everything is flipped.