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Sound designers get very specific and peculiar queries.

Auto Imagist Bot

a windmill // on // a // cloudy // // day // like a blurry // image // // of // a // bird

Smooth Unicode

Getting you through your workday with the softest glyphs from the smoothest scripts.


Fantasy adventure name generator.


Nombres y apellidos latinos.


Sorry for my bad English.


A bot that tweets out of context Harry Potter spells.


A creative chef bot.

concepts bot

A bot that comes up with ideas.


A tiny robot that tracks and shares past, present, and future locations where love resides.


One fear, one want.


Ceaseless sentient rhyming.


Ideas for your next bestselling novel.

Restroom Genderator

Restroom signs for a variety of genders.


Glitched cyberpunk images.


Accessible colour contrasts.


Bogus daily affirmations.

A bot that creates new words.


Always know the Discordian date.


Live commentary in German for the current Bundesliga soccer teams.


A bot that generates X-Files episode descriptions.


A bot that generates titles of Sherlock Holmes stories.


Vampire clans and the interactions between them.


A Markov chain bot writing new Action Science Theatre dialogue.