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"Converts stuff."


Play a game of hangman.

Doskvol’s Finest

Rogues, ruffians, miscreants, ne’er-do-wells, and other unscrupulous sorts to populate your haunted city.


Fact-checking bot for Twitter.


Celebrating the bicentenary of Mary Shelly's Frankstein.


Matching tweets with spoken sentences from movies.


Random entries from tabletop RPG oracles.


A bot walks into a bar...


Learning to identify amphibians and reptiles.

Tweet me SCSS!

Your friendly neighborhood CSS renderer!

Jeopardy Bot

Play Jeopardy! on Slack!


Information from the US/Mexico border.

Cats That Don’t Exist

Cats and cat-like creatures, made by AI.


Randomly generates pilots, mecha, squads, and missions for BEAM SABER, the tabletop game designed by Austin Ramsay.


Need an idea for your next D&D hero?

Old Fashioned Caller

A friendly bot that fulfills your request to be called old fashioned.

Community Plant

Just a plant growing on Twitter.


Random items from's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

Rambla Rosae

Filling Twitter with roses one tweet at a time.


Gotta translate 'em all!

Doodle Animal Glee Club

Animal doodles and songs.


Play chess on Twitter.


Random art challenges.

Facepalm Bot

A bot for when you really need a facepalm.

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