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Stellar new household constellations.

soft landscapes

Soft generative landscapes.


Glitched cyberpunk images.


Accessible colour contrasts.

Tiny Homes

Domesticity, but smaller.

Hamiltonian paths

Hamiltonian path maze GIFs.

Graphic Scores

Graphic scores for musicians, composers, and everyone else

RGB Colours

Do you like colors?


Who would win?


More emoji, when you need them!


It's BOT LIFE magazine!




Join us and paint some happy trees!


Vaguely reassuring state machines.


A robot painter, very Pollock-like.


Automated art making for the 22nd century.


Your next fashion statement.


A bot that creates colorized Abelian Sandpile art.


Sweet knuckle tats.


Generates beautiful triangle background images


Bot inspired by Mary Blair's Small World art.


Generates random Goosebumps book covers.




Tweet-sized crosswords once a day.

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