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Bodega Bot

Silicon Valley is here to replace your domestic service with technology.

Deltron F

Gradients for everyone 🌈


Sunset landscape generator.


Quilt patterns made by a robot.

Lighthouse collage

Dreams of electric lighthouses.


Randomly generated pinball fields.


A bot that reminds people of things.


Public comments for the proposal NPS-2018-0007-0001.


A bot that generates logic puzzles.


Stellar new household constellations.

Self-disemboweling bot

Software that spills its own code, line by line, until its all on the outside.

what’s the time, mr wolf?

Tells the time. Usually.

soft landscapes

Soft generative landscapes.


A peer-to-peer lending bot.


Coloring pictures from the Internet Archive!


Sound designers get very specific and peculiar queries.

ARP Observatory

Studying audio signals from outside the solar system.


A bot that tweets out of context Harry Potter spells.


Geometric shapes and animations generated from static atmospheric noise.


Ideas for your next bestselling novel.


Your next favorite YA Fantasy book.

What if paintings

Imaginary paintings using machine learning.

angry scribbles

Angry scribbles. Somewhat therapeutic?