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Promoting random users.


Who would win?


Images from Below the Surface.

Rebotta Sugar

Catch up on the Steven Universe episodes you missed!

Icebox Breakfast Bot

A William Carlos Williams-parodizing Mastodon bot.


More emoji, when you need them!


Procedurally generating spaceships.


Wild emoji encounters.




A robot painter, very Pollock-like.


Generates random Goosebumps book covers.


The Truth about programming languages.


Tiny emoji dinners for two.


An endless dictionary from a recurrent neural net.


Respond to one of the tweets tagged #love.


Nail polish bot.


Automated deep drawings.


Spits out socks you thought you lost.


Anonymous Wikipedia edits that are made from IP addresses in the US Congress.


Tiny emoji gardens, a few times a day.


Tiny emoji cities, a few times a day.


A Twitter bot that tweets posi thoughts.


Tiny exhibitions from a tiny emoji gallery.


Tiny emoji forests


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