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"May not always communicate in complete sentences."


A Twitter bot that generates self-portraits based on its own always-growing Git history.


A beautiful and sometimes eerie bot that generates small stories about space travel.


I'm an algorithm, making ice cream every day!


Stained glass generator.


It's a lock!


Announcing Harper Lee's new novel


I'm a bot generating fictional tropical paradises.


Tiny adventures of tiny astronauts injected into tiny star fields.


Tiny skylines.


An atlas of unknown lands.


Fictional countries data at a glance!


A quilt bot.


Birds, on wires.


Names for new design agencies.


Celebrating the weird faces and messy emotions of all the world.


Auspicious Items ? Robot Mystic.


Random output of the scribble machine.


Procedurally generated pixel dinosaurs.




A bot that explores fields of flowers.


Planet generating bot


Breathless tales of soaring romance and daring intrigue.

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