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enbies everywhere

enby enby enby enby ENBY


Prompts for The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

Wheels on the Bot

The wheels on the bus go round and round!

Multi-Scale Truchet Patterns

Patterns that can be made with a simple square tile divided diagonally.

Roll The Dice

Randomly rolls dice every so often.

Adopt a Roach

Roach adoption agency.

Mes troubles anxieux

Ce qui cause mon trouble d'anxiété généralisé.

Lil Bud Cards

We find new buds and tell you all about them, bud!

A tiny map

Tiny maps that make stories.

What Brexit is

Brexit is 🤬

Night Train to Robot Fine

Robot. Ran all the way to Twitter... with CheapBotsDoneQuick, and a Tracery grammar.


Wandering Tomorrow's Psychographic Mysticism.


That! Doesn't! Work!




Hypothetical procedural contemporary jewelry.

Cross-serial dependencies

Your regular reminder that natural language isn't context-free.

haxxy bmps



A new colour every day.


Poète décervelé, tiré de sa tombe puis monté sur un automate.


Tout le monde demande à Bartleby de faire des trucs, mais il préférerait pas.


A bot to remember the Viking of Sixth Avenue.


Stellar new household constellations.

what’s the time, mr wolf?

Tells the time. Usually.

soft landscapes

Soft generative landscapes.

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