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Generative fictional planets.

Ringed Worlds

Procedural gas giants.

Alone Among the Stars

A single-player space exploration RPG.

A Softer Space

An experimental webcomic and a bot inspired by A Softer World and deep space.


A bot that shows you how big space is.


This bot will @reply to you when the International Space Station is over the location you sent it.

Comet Bot

Comets on their way through a starfield.


Robot poetry from the Moon.


Stellar new household constellations.

Star Near You

Animated GIFs of the Sun's corona.

tiny mission control

Ground control to @tiny_astro_naut.

ARP Observatory

Studying audio signals from outside the solar system.

Interstellar Planetary Survey

Randomly generated planets.


This bot shares raw images of Saturn and its moons, taken by Cassini spacecraft.


Every constellation that ever was or ever will be.


Procedurally generating spaceships.

Martian Updates

Twitter Bot posting updates on the Mars Curiosity mission.


Struggling to name your latest slightly-absurd vessel? Look no further.


Sea creatures with galaxies, galaxies with sea creatures.


Demonstrating the vast number of transiting exoplanets.


A pastel universe.


Galactic adventures and pulp sci-fi.


ASCII art galaxies.


A bot that posts upcoming SpaceX launch dates.

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