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Reassembling images from McCord Museum's photo collection with random poems.


Magical stories, in Spanish.


Quack, HONK!


Play Tic-tac-toe on Twitter!


A bot that (poorly) translates porn titles to French.


Harry Potter fanfiction, in German.


German chat bot on Mastodon.

Cross-serial dependencies

Your regular reminder that natural language isn't context-free.

Hello, world!

Hello from around the world.


Poète décervelé, tiré de sa tombe puis monté sur un automate.


Des titres de livres jeux illustrés generés aleatoirement.


Une justice expeditive et absurde pour un monde qui l'est tout autant.

Bot du cul

Tweete du cul tous les mots du cul de la langue française du cul.


Nombres y apellidos latinos.


Live commentary in German for the current Bundesliga soccer teams.


Military equipment exports report for Germany.

¡No hay bot!

Club Silencio's magician tries out a different routine.


Posting random made-up facts about people named Kevin.


Imitating the semi-philosophical tweets of the Belgian professor Rik Torfs.


Shares random poems authored by human poets. Multilingual.


Tweets from Vicipéid (Irish language Wikipedia), once a day.


Soy un bot de colores.

Resenha Bot

Instant music critic, in Portuguese.

Cozinha Bot

Random cooking recipes with a bit of nonsense, in Portuguese.

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