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Cells move about, have brief encounters, spawn more cells & die.


The Dawn, once a day.


Assuming you are an emoji, this is a jury of your peers!




I just like the sound of it.


Every day IS a holiday.


Slaps your sunburn ๐ŸŒž Hard ๐Ÿ˜ณ


Parodies of I โค NY for cities around the world.


Generates random L-systems.


Collaboratively solve mazes on Twitter.


Play MineSweeper on Twitter.


Following neo-Nazi money.


Parody New Yorker Comics Bot.


Procedurally generated obituaries for the 1.8 of us who die every second.


Randomly generated expressions for animated images using the Pico-8 palette.


"It's the rap brigadiership!"


Anonymous Wikipedia edits that are made from IP addresses in the US Congress.


Monitors the status_withheld event on Twitter. In theory.


Ever wanted your own tree?


Historical legal decisions from Victoria's highest court.


Screenshots of old websites in old browsers.


A bot that tweets posi thoughts.


Slack bot that tracks how happy people are at work and helps remote teams to prevent isolation.


Slack bot for "people who need Siberian Huskies, now".

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