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Want to battle? βœŠβœ‹βœŒ


Let's play Boggle!


Falling shapes made from emoji, moved and rotated by Twitter poll results.

Mystery Animal

Can you guess the animal in 20 yes‑or‑no questions on your Google Home?


"The game is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters."


An acronym game Twitter bot.


"Where should I go?"


Cryptograms, three times a day!


Collaboratively solve mazes on Twitter.


Play MineSweeper on Twitter.


A twitter-based port of Lights Out.


A game of chance.


Solve the riddle!


What's the capital?




The 1979 classic game Lemonade Stand as a Facebook bot.


Up, down, left, right!


A Jeopardy! bot for Slack.


Play tic-tac-toe in Slack in channels and DMs.


A slack bot that moderates Werewolf games.


A bot that turns Slack into a legitimate Texas Hold'em client.


Gotta catch em all!


A game bot for Slack, ping-pong, chess, and more.


A bot that allows you to play Connect 4 on Slack.

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