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Take a walk in the woods with me.


Your eyelids are getting heavy...


Orbital spirographs.


An entire movie, in a GIF.




Visualizations of random Doom levels.


Fireworks from your Tweets!


Random news headlines with (mostly) appropriate GIF reactions.


The latest data from NASA's Kepler spacecraft.


Converts Twitter's "GIFs" into actual GIFs.


Mining old movies for #content.


Yesterday on a blue marble suspended in a light beam.


24 hour timelapse of Earth.


Every so often drops a math-powered GIF.


Images from astronauts curently in space and random space GIFs.


A bot that simulates a series of mechanical linkages to draw a curve.


Tweet, and get procedurally generated art.


A bot that applies a range of video glitches.


Animated GIFs of deaths from Spelunky Daily Challenge


Movies of neon words can be summoned via hashtag.


Locating every location I can locate.