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Randomly generated pinball fields.


A bot that generates logic puzzles.


Throw your line into the vast seas. Who knows what you'll find?

what’s the time, mr wolf?

Tells the time. Usually.

Nonogram Bot

Nonogram puzzle generator.

Noughts and Crosses



Procedurally generated loot chests!

Game Design Expert

Invaluable advice that all game developers need!


Want to battle? βœŠβœ‹βœŒ


Let's play Boggle!


Falling shapes made from emoji, moved and rotated by Twitter poll results.

Mystery Animal

Can you guess the animal in 20 yes‑or‑no questions on your Google Home?


Who's that Pokemon?


Tweets a partial Scrabble bingo every 3 hours.


"The game is played using a plastic grid of lettered dice, in which players attempt to find words in sequences of adjacent letters."


Tweet-sized crosswords once a day.


An acronym game Twitter bot.


"Where should I go?"


Unscramble the letters to find the nine letter word.


Daily space invaders!


Following the first link on random Wikipedia articles.


Cryptograms, three times a day!


Let's play letter games!


Collaboratively solve mazes on Twitter.

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