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Join us and paint some happy trees!


Wavy backgrounds!


Paintings in the style of Gerhard Richter's "color charts".


A bot that tweets ASCII art.


Bot inspired by Mary Blair's Small World art.


A painting bot.


A bot that interprets art.


Yes or no?


Tweets art from Ateneum Art Museum four times a day.


Forgeries in the style of famous painters.


French museums Twitter bot


Computer generated compositions.


A bot that tweets a random high-res Open Access image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Tweets art from Kiasma Kiasma contemporary art museum four times a day.


A bot that generates a Julia set every 24 hours.


Sections of the painting "Netherlandish Proverbs" by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.


A bot which generates titles of artworks that don't exist.


Tweets art from Sinebrychoff Art Museum four times a day.


Victoria and Albert Museum bot.


Random art assignments.


Algorithms, bots, and art.


Daily writing assignments.


The ocular engine.


Procedurally generated pollinators.