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Mes troubles anxieux

Ce qui cause mon trouble d'anxiété généralisé.

Graveyard Bot

Rest in peace.


Reassembling images from McCord Museum's photo collection with random poems.


Visualizing random graphs.

Lil Bud Cards

We find new buds and tell you all about them, bud!

A tiny map

Tiny maps that make stories.


Magical stories, in Spanish.

Auto Charts

Absurd flowcharts.

Big Smoke’s Order Bot

I'll have large number 45 with extra cheese.


A bot to help block and track blocked users.

Colorful Julia

A bot that tweets random Julia sets.

Acrostic Pi

A dynamic and vaguely mathematical text-sculpture made entirely out of retweets.

Control Tower

The best bot to slack off at work.


Latest "hashflags" and Twitter emoji.

News Nerd Repos

Announcing new GitHub repos created by a newsroom.

Grammar Police

Follow me; see grammar errors!

Magic Emoji Roundabout

An efficient and safe junction.

Threat Update

Monitoring trends and crunching key metrics to evaluate existential risk.

Advisory Circular LA

What is circling over Los Angeles?

New on Botwiki

See what's new on Botwiki! Yes, this very site.


Quack, HONK!

What Fresh Hell?

What fresh hell is this bot!?

Atari Baldessari

The artist levels up.


Animating the world's tropical storms.