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A bot that finds coincidental haikus


Tag the bot under a picture and receive your .PNG

did joe exercise?

Keeping Joe healthy and fit.

Wikipedia Haiku

Accidental Haikus from Wikipedia.


Unique, fun and independent websites.

Multiverse Coordinates

In an infinite multiverse, it's nice to know where you are.


Alien phenomenology and metaphorism.

My Spelunky Stories

@tinysubversions really loves Spelunky!

Middling Mediocre Movies

tweeting every mediocre movie of the last 50 years, hour by hour

blackletter walk

Automatic writing bot.

flag gen

Out of one, many.


Finding the original tweet from a screenshot.

Philly Graffiti Bot

Graffiti from across Philly.

Philly Pothole Bot

Pothole photos from across Philly.

Wrong Wordle Bot

Any resemblance to the dayโ€™s actual Wordle is purely accidental.


Random satellite images from Portugal.


Twitterbot playwright tweeting Children 's Rights.


Instantly create a financial chart.

Make it a quote

Generate a quote image from a tweet .

Gender Pay Gap Bot

Adding context to companies' International Women's Day tweets.

Wizard Roll Call

Some of the many wizards from the history of a fantastic world.


Fickle astrology, daily!


Random people living random lifes in a random town. A literary (and almost poetic) bot.


Tracking various military and civilian planes.

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