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Old fruit pictures.


QR code bot.


A quote bot.


Real time bus maps of New York City.


A Twitter bot that sorts your pixels.


How many sleeps until Christmas?


A Twitter bot that generates self-portraits based on its own always-growing Git history.


Some boxes.


Images from astronauts curently in space and random space GIFs.


Spits out socks you thought you lost.


Tea with personality.


Names and logos for nonexistent startups.


Stained glass generator.


A bot that simulates a series of mechanical linkages to draw a curve.


Symmetric curves from complex Fourier series.


Images from a Tamagotchi ROM dump.


Replays an Ultimate Doom speedrun at a rate of 4 frames per day.


It's a lock!


Announcing Harper Lee's new novel


A new piece of art from the future, every hour


I'm a bot generating fictional tropical paradises.


Tiny Kepler is a tiny space observatory to discover other stars and their orbiting planets.


Variations on a knotty theme.


Tiny skylines.

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