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A bot that tweets out emoji gender reveal announcements.


Find your representatives in the US government.




Because everything, no matter how good, is terrible.


Twitter bot on Twitter.


An assortment of happy endings.


The fascinating art of foley. Amazing.

Martian Updates

Twitter Bot posting updates on the Mars Curiosity mission.


Emoji tracks left behind by emoji animals.


Tweets the least used emoji.


Have you read your SICP today?


Soy un bot de colores.

Escher Bot

Is this tweet recursive?

Get Equipped With



This bot shouldn't have to exist.


Happy botday! 🤖🎂


Random graphical timelines from Wikipedia.


A bot that has bones and attempts to make skeletons.


Dragon Hoards generates a dragon and her hoard every three hours!


Educate, seek, find, eliminate.

Daily Piano Scales

Learn the musical scales your teacher hid from you.




Join us and paint some happy trees!

Resenha Bot

Instant music critic, in Portuguese.