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All the Punks! Now envisioning new sub-genres of the punk movement faster than it can fragment.


Video game advice from a bot!


The Truth about programming languages.


"Generating cards for a mysterious card game."


Your guide to all the inhabited planets of the Milky Way galaxy.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away.


Algorithms, bots, and art.


Daily writing assignments.


A salesbot's space journal.


Exploration of cellular automata, lo-fi colour, and symmetry.


Procedurally generated photos from that one party.


Indecisive bot trying to define abstract concepts.


Procedurally generated pollinators.


Blood of the Mage.


Generates Dickens-esque character names.


A bot that makes art.


Smells Like Bot Spirit!


Useful tool for sci-fi writers to start planet design.


Algorithmically generated, pointless business advice.


I tweet in the style of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl".


exploring the universe of adorable cat faces


Cells move about, have brief encounters, spawn more cells & die.


The mighty locomotive sweeps through rugged landscapes.


Timeless Tech Talent.