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Ask the Magic 8 Ball

Signs point to Yes.

Carpet Madness

Come on down to Carpet Madness!


Letting you know what food and stalls are at the 52 High Street Pop Up!

Blank Break

Tweet left intentionally blank.


Your daily reminder to get the fuck out of bed.


A bot that generates BΓ©zier curves.


Automated tweets for Wikidata milestones.


Every artwork becomes infinitely better with a stylish mustache.

US-Mexico Border

Satellite images of the US-Mexico border, by @on3ness

Random Restaurant

Looking up restaurants!


A bot that announces tweets in need of ALT text.


A bot that reminds you to include ALT text on your images.


Words that are coming back into popular usage.


Trying to get shots into arms.

Alex’s College Progress Bot

Tracking @alexreyes243 's progress towards his degree in computer science πŸ’»


Tweets every Magic: The Gathering card, sorted by set and number.


Images and animations from the Internet Ray Tracing Competition (1997-2006).


Relaxing & Satisfying loops of hexagons.

Lyric Lick Bot



Get reminded to add alt-texts to images.


Tiny fields of dots.

Somewhere in New Zealand

Highlighting the descriptive and evocative place names of New Zealand.

Useless Captchas

Bringing one of the most thought-provoking activities on the internet to your Twitter feed.


A birdwatching bot.

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