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An assortment of happy endings.


Soy un bot de colores.


Dragon Hoards generates a dragon and her hoard every three hours!

Resenha Bot

Instant music critic, in Portuguese.

Cozinha Bot

Random cooking recipes with a bit of nonsense, in Portuguese.

Os algoritmos estΓ£o chegando

Lists all the things that will soon be replaced by algorithms, in Portuguese.

Cientistas Afirmam

Surrealist pseudo-science headlines in Portuguese.

Netflix Generator

Random Netflix-like series and movie descriptions in Portuguese.


Struggling to name your latest slightly-absurd vessel? Look no further.


I only listen to @mountain_goats, and now I make up my own lyrics.


Your daily horoscope.


Home taping is killing music.


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What if we could create an API that served random genres?


Galactic adventures and pulp sci-fi.


Sweet knuckle tats.


Bread with an attitude.


Anybody can make up holidays now. Hooray!


Imaginary dance bands from 78 RPM gramophone records.


Poet is used for poems.


Generates new UK Parliament petitions.


A married couple is looking to purchase a house.



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