@OwlStatue is a Mastodon bot created by Lif.

This bot makes videos of Link reading the owl statue from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX for the Game Boy Color that normally says “THE WIND FISH IN NAME ONLY, FOR IT IS NEITHER.” but with the “WIND FISH” replaced with some other two-word phrase or compound word that, sometimes if you squint a little, can be an oxymoron or otherwise contradictory to the thing it describes.

It is worth noting that the source material is a little nonsensical as it stands, so the bar for how much sense a given entry in the phrasebank makes is not the highest. Sometimes I’ll reply manually to people’s incredulous “but it’s both!” comments with a vaguely-related quote from elsewhere in the game.

I also sometimes manually have the bot fave toots I think it would like.

I make an effort to assign Content Warnings to word pairs relating to things that are often the subject of CW’s in the Mastodon community.

(It also randomizes the rupees, items, and tunic color, just to keep things fresh.)

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