@infinite_scream is a Twitter and Mastodon bot created by Nora Reed that generates and infinite stream of screams.

On any given day, @infinite_scream’s Twitter timeline is a chorus of all-caps yelling. “AAAAHHHHHHH,” it screamed shortly after its creation in October 2015; “AAAAAAAAAH,” it expelled today, during the morning commute. Years separate those tweets, but the only changes to the monosyllabic account across 19 months are its variations in spelling. The intention is consistent.

The everlasting appeal of a Twitter bot that never stops screaming (theverge.com)

The author states:

This bot might generally just post the screams but here is an incomplete list of the things it is screaming about:

  • capitalism, which is shit garbage
  • white supremacy
  • fascism
  • the police, who are all bastards
  • ableism
  • transphobia
  • this website [Twitter] being full of Nazis

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