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@dot_scr is a Twitter bot created by Greg Kennedy that records and shares videos of Windows 3.1 screensavers. You can view the list of screensavers here.

Author explains the implementation details:

The high level procedure is:

  • Choose a screensaver “unit” (driver class) from the collection of available units
  • Unpack a fresh Windows 3.1 installation from .zip, as well as the “payload” for the screensaver we wish to run
  • Run an edit function for config files in the staging area, setting the screensaver to launch and applying Windows themes
  • Launch (headless) a patched DOSBox binary, which is hacked to begin recording at a certain time and then exit after someduration
  • Use FFmpeg to compress the output into something suitable for Twitter
  • Upload the result video and post it in a tweet

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