Fact-checking bot for Twitter.

@dimosfactcheck is a Twitter bot created by Dimos.

DimosFactCheck will return a fact-check response to any tagged Tweet with a URL to an article. These fact-checks are created from using multiple sources including the MBFC, IFCN, and our team of fact-checkers and Twitter experts. 

The bot looks at both the URL and the title of the article – with the primary weight being the URL.

If we already have done a fact-check on that article url we will have an answer to return instantly. If not, we’ll return the MBFC rating (Media Bias Fact Check) of the domain and then we’ll manually review the bots fact-check before submission as an answer.

We have humans fact-checking in every instance of a unique fact-check. Being correct is our highest priority, which means sometimes we will be slow while we ask different subject matter experts what the facts are.

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