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Notable events on a given day of creation, according to the Ussher chronology.

Holidays bot

Tweeting random holidays from today around the world, with pictures from Google Image Search.

Wikipedia Stub Bot

Broadcasting newly categorized Wikipedia stubs.

Lists of lists

There's a lot of lists on Wikipedia!

Wiki Titles Singable to TMNT Themesong

Wikipedia titles that you can sing to the TMNT song!


Movies described using only the links in their Wikipedia plot summaries.


Recently deleted Wikipedia articles.


Bringing you the character combinations you never knew you needed.

Things that are spicy versions of other things.


Random images from the current day in history.


Fake music festival generator.


Tweeting every new article added to Wikipedia.


Tweets from Vicipรฉid (Irish language Wikipedia), once a day.


Random graphical timelines from Wikipedia.


Acontextual catharsis, or lack thereof.


ASCII art galaxies.


Making arbitrary brackets, sourced from Wikipedia.


Articles that were too good (or not good enough) for Wikipedia.


A homage to the fallen warrior bots of Wikipedia.


I'm a bot that posts highly viewed, underdeveloped Wikipedia articles.


Bot that scrapes Wikipedia and immediately tweets RIP messages when there is a celebrity death.


Can you take a better photo for Wikipedia?


Some Wikipedia pages are less than 140 characters long.


Iโ€™m a bot that tweets anonymous Wikipedia edits that are made from IP addresses of large banks.