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Today On Screen

A daily calendar of fictional significant dates.

At Least Half Off on Steam

Keep track of video game deals.

Pokédex :verified:

The Pokédex is an invaluable tool to Trainers in the #Pokemon world.


Play old games on Discord!

Every Control Scheme

Press X to Follow.

Video Game Items

Random items extracted from video games.


The "rejected" Yoshi prototypes.

Free PSN/Xbox Games

Listing free games from various gaming platforms.


Generating new Pokémon!


Random items from's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.


Generating eXtreme sk8boarding tricks!

Bad Enough Bot

Are you an adjective enough noun to verb the other noun?

Head Swap

What would it look like if video game characters swapped heads?


The battle backgrounds from EarthBound on your Mastodon feed.

Game Design Expert

Invaluable advice that all game developers need!


A bot that posts frames from a speedrun at a slow pace.

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