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Yield Curve Inversion Watch

Tweeting the 2 and 10-year US Treasury yield spread.

Performative Pride

Calling out brands and their performative pride Tweets.

Acts of Congress

I tweet every time the US Congress does something.

Philly Graffiti Bot

Graffiti from across Philly.

Philly Pothole Bot

Pothole photos from across Philly.

The Weather in Brooklyn

And now, weather!


Highlight niche procurements in the US legislative branch.


Your daily snow forecast report!

Trump Alert

Figuring out what is going on inside the White House.


Daily maps of equipopulation divisions of the the United States.


Providing information about United States Senate's votes.

Bay Bridge Watch

Views of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge.


Updating the Advisory Circular Portland bot with aircraft information.


Tweeting lot sales in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Data of New York

Explore the city of New York with data.

NYC 311 Discord Bot

Get notified when your NYC home gets a 311 call.

Great Lakes Places

Getting to know places around the Great Lakes.

Feds Overhead

Tracking US federal law enforcement aircrafts.

US-Mexico Border

Satellite images of the US-Mexico border, by @on3ness

Bot Bottigieg

Americans need not only a uninterestingness, but also an interestingness.

New town every hour

Tune in for your town!

Every USPS

Every USPS every half hour, by @FISHMANPET, based on @fitnr, not affiliated with the @USPS

NYPD edits

Tracking anonymous Wikipedia edits by New York's cops.

Old roadside pics

Public domain photographs from Roadside America.

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