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What Fresh Hell?

What fresh hell is this bot!?

The Unblocker

What blocklists?


This bot apologizes for not tweeting more often.


Relive the glory days of poor quality CRT monitors.


A bot rewriting tweets into bigram poems.


Now imagine a bot.


A reminder Twitter bot.

1 reason to go on an Adventure

Reasons to go on an adventure.


A bot that does tarot readings with emoji.


A bot that reports fake followers so you don't have to.


Keep track of who you unfollowed.


It's BOT LIFE magazine!


Random technological solutions to trending topics.


RT if you like this bot.


Find your representatives in the US government.


Tweets the least used emoji.

Escher Bot

Is this tweet recursive?


A bot generating scenes through a window.


Make a shirt with a tweet!


"Guys. It's time for some game theory."


A bot that tweets ASCII art.


Let's play Boggle!


Bird pics and bird song


Hey, it's Boaty McBoatface!