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This bot apologizes for not tweeting more often.


You want that final Question Time audience question?


A bot rewriting tweets into bigram poems.


Wandering Tomorrow's Psychographic Mysticism.

Machine imagined art

New imagined artworks.

Predictive Art Bot

Turning the latest media headlines into artistic concepts.


The REAL Upstate New York.


Saint Bot, patron saint of online bots.


Holy bot, Batman!


Automated music reviews.


That! Doesn't! Work!


Bot trained on Stephen Colbert monologues.


Character concepts for the game Gamma World.


Twice daily this bot will post a description of a cool magic weapon!

Oh Lordy Jesus

Lord oh no!


An interpretive, card-based storytelling bot.

Twilight Zone Intros

New Twilight Zone opening scenes.

Bad Enough Bot

Is this bot bad enough?

Harry Botter

AI-generated Harry Potter fanfiction.

Dreamer of Electric Sheep

Explore a bizarre ConceptNet dreamscape at your command.

Wiki Titles Singable to TMNT Themesong

Wikipedia titles that you can sing to the TMNT song!


the face / the breeze / the moon / the bot

1 reason to go on an Adventure

Reasons to go on an adventure.


Hypothetical procedural contemporary jewelry.