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Esoteric alignment charts for your categorizing needs.

haxxy bmps


what’s the time, mr wolf?

Tells the time. Usually.

angry scribbles

Angry scribbles. Somewhat therapeutic?

Daily Piano Scales

Learn the musical scales your teacher hid from you.


A bot generating scenes through a window.


Things that Trump might ban.


Just relax.


Sweet knuckle tats.


Computer...zoom in!


Why bother going to school, you can learn all your chemistry from Trump.


Me at home VS me in public.


Tiny space adventures.


Letters of the world, illuminated.


Festive looking trees in a snowy landscape.


QuickDraw data mashed with Tracery to create cute characters.


Word as color.


Fictional US presidential candidates.


Bot that constructs random 16Γ—16 tiles with the NES color palette.


How many sleeps until Christmas?


Some boxes.


It's a lock!


Variations on a knotty theme.


Daily total of what tax payers are paying for Donald Trump's personal life.