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ISS Live

Live views of Earth from the International Space Station.


Requests for proposals, for NASA.



Voyager 1

Daily updates about the Voyager 1 probe.

Near Earth Object flying by

Keeping track of our neighbors as they fly by.


Explore distant worlds.

2001: A Spaced-Out Odyssey

Every frame of Kubrick's classic, posted in order.


NASA's Astronomy "picture of the day", every day.

Beautiful Emoji Deep Space

A bot in space.

Solar system

Diagrams of the solar system.

Full Of Stars

Space is big. Really big.


Encountering pixel planets.


Are they approaching or moving away?

ALeRCE confirmed supernova bot

Our newest discoveries fresh from the oven!

FCC Space Licenses

Sharing notices of any FCC and ITU applications for space vehicles.

Starfleet Jobs

The Best Jobs in Starfleet!


Random pictures of an undiscovered constellations.


Fire detection Twitter bot using satellite imagery.

Little Ear Amateur Radio Telescope

Probably the world's first tweeting radio telescope?

Astronomy Status Bot

MOON: Still there


Exploring galactic archaeology.

Deep Space Network

Tracking what NASA's Deep Space Network listens to.

Blank Break

Tweet left intentionally blank.


Locating the ISS.

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