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Roll The Dice

Randomly rolls dice every so often.


Visualizing random graphs.

Eat This Bot!

Suggestions for your next meal.


Weird ASCII controllers!

TV Screen Bot

Live screenshots from random TV channels.

Unicode tweets

Random Unicode character tweets.


Distances between two random places.


A bot that shows you small helpful robots.


A bot that merges two emoji.


First image search result on Google.

1 reason to go on an Adventure

Reasons to go on an adventure.


A silly dress up bot that makes random girl friends.

Random Pattern Generator

A bot that generates random patterns.


A new colour every day.


A bot that posts colors

BurgerBot 4545

Random burger generator.


Throw your line into the vast seas. Who knows what you'll find?


Geometric shapes and animations generated from static atmospheric noise.

Things that are spicy versions of other things.

Words written in "Unown".

Worthless Capital

A bot that tweets about how no one can afford anything ever.


I get pretty excited about smoothies.


Cybre all the words!


Promoting random users.