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Weird ASCII controllers!

What Brexit is

Brexit is 🤬


Humble tweeting servant of Daphne the cat.


This is not a bot.


Pictures of plant progress on Twitter.

Lighthouse Bot

A friendly bot posting pictures of beautiful and tranquil lighthouses around the world.


This bot will @reply to you when the International Space Station is over the location you sent it.


Alt text from the XKCD comic to Twitter.


A bot that ciphers the internet

Self-disemboweling bot

Software that spills its own code, line by line, until its all on the outside.


Procedurally generating spaceships.

Delicious Daily Recipes

Procedurally generated recipes.


Find your representatives in the US government.


Karma bot that listens to the community.


Play Connect Four with your friends and followers on Twitter!


Just no, Sinclair Broadcast Group.

Weight Not, Want Not

Weight not, Want Not calculates and tweets the cumulative mass of all the smartphones we buy each week.


A bot that makes art.


A patriot bot.


I'm an algorithm, making ice cream every day!