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Announcing when another 1% of the year has passed.

Year remaining

See how much time is left this year!

Lizzie’s PhD Thesis

Keeping track of how far Lizzie got.

Year Progress Bar

Daily updates on the year's progress.

Levels checker

Keeping you in-the-know about the levels of things.


The one progress bar you don't want to see.

Earth Overshoot Day Progress

Another progress bar you'd rather see go slower.

Alex’s College Progress Bot

Tracking @alexreyes243 's progress towards his degree in computer science 💻

Covid Vaccination Progress Bar

Progress of COVID-19 vaccinations.


US population with a COVID-19 vaccination


Hebrew calendar version of @year_progress.

Year Progress

The one progress bar you'd rather see go slower.


It'll take Chernobyl 3,000 years to be safe again. Follow to get updated on its progress!

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