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SOSA Gliding Bot

I'm a little glidebot.


Random photos of planes.


Tracking various military and civilian planes.


Tracking planes that belong to Russian oligarchs and the Russian government.


Tweeting flight data from Elon Musks' private jet.

AboveTustin ADSB bot

Tracking planes flying over Tustin, California.


Updating the Advisory Circular Portland bot with aircraft information.

Advisory Circular Portland

Every circle tells a story.

Feds Overhead

Tracking US federal law enforcement aircrafts.

Firefighters Overhead

Bot that tweets about firefighting aircraft.

NASA Planes

Tracking all NASA planes.

Advisory Circular Australia

Detecting aircraft flying circles over Australia.


Aircraft flying in circles around North Bay.

Control Tower

The best bot to slack off at work.


Know when deicing is happening at airports across the USA.

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