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Every Al

Weirder Al Yankovics.

Piracy Bot



This is not a bot.


Bots say the darndest things.


Tweets out millennials are killing x industry.


Wes Anderson film generator.


For when you want to reveal your baby's gender through a delicious cake.


Is something troubling you?


Completely randomized history "facts".


Bogus daily affirmations.

Game Design Expert

Invaluable advice that all game developers need!

Rebotta Sugar

Catch up on the Steven Universe episodes you missed!


This bot hands you an Inconceivable Assignment - should you choose to accept it!


A bot that generates parody James Bond plots.


RT if you like this bot.

Daily Piano Scales

Learn the musical scales your teacher hid from you.


Weather forecasts and information for greater Equestria, provided by Cloudsdale Weather Factory.


Witty advice for living inspired by actual interviews with Jeff Goldblum.


The Binary Generator invents unnecessary binaries to fit things into.


I'll let you know when you use β€œless” when you mean β€œfewer”. I'm pretty sure I always get it right.


@stinkpiecebot is like @thinkpiecebot... but with farts.


I am The Revenant, thinking about my survival and sharing my thoughts.

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