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Sunrise Skies NYC

Capturing a slice of the New York sunrise sky.

NYC combined sewers

NYC's sewer system combines waste water and rainwater, and sometimes it overflows.

Bots Of New York

Exploring New York City, one bot at a time.

Data of New York

Explore the city of New York with data.


Trying to get shots into arms.

NYPD edits

Tracking anonymous Wikipedia edits by New York's cops.

Evicted in NYC

Tweeting whenever someone is evicted from their home in New York City.

Views from New York

Views from the great city of NYC 🗽


Tweets whenever alternate side parking rules are suspended in NYC.

How’s My Driving NY

Looking up traffic violations.


The REAL Upstate New York.


Properties in New York City.


Meet all of the good dogs in New York City.


Unofficial daily update of colors on the Empire State Building.


A bot that tweets a random high-res Open Access image from the Metropolitan Museum of Art


"Caller states that while walking his dog in the park they came across either a dead turkey or chicken with the head off."


Parodies of I ❤ NY for cities around the world.


Real time bus maps of New York City.

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