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Exploring the work of Uruguayan authors.


A bot for remembering what politicians want us to forget.


Intentando encontrar el significado de las calles de Montevideo.

Todas las compras | Presidencia

Every purchase from the Uruguayan Presidency Office


The novels of the future!


A seal-detecting bot.


Reassembling images from McCord Museum's photo collection with random poems.


A bot that (poorly) translates porn titles to French.

Cross-serial dependencies

Your regular reminder that natural language isn't context-free.

Hello, world!

Hello from around the world.


Live commentary in German for the current Bundesliga soccer teams.


Shares random poems authored by human poets. Multilingual.

Resenha Bot

Instant music critic, in Portuguese.

Cozinha Bot

Random cooking recipes with a bit of nonsense, in Portuguese.

Os algoritmos estão chegando

Lists all the things that will soon be replaced by algorithms, in Portuguese.

Cientistas Afirmam

Surrealist pseudo-science headlines in Portuguese.

Netflix Generator

Random Netflix-like series and movie descriptions in Portuguese.


A french Twitter bot that sends random hugs.


A bot to tweet every Finnish number.


French museums Twitter bot


Ich stelle nach undurchsichtigen Kriterien Dinge anderen Dingen gegenüber.


Cada palabra del diccionario español.


A random Finnish word of the day


Coffee reminder bot.

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