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Bot that shows live photos of volcanoes in Costa Rica

UPress of Kentucky Book Covers Bot

Please enjoy book covers and interior art from our titles!


Live information from the Gatehouse weather station in Tarset, Northumberland UK


Howdy. I'm the sheriff of emoji!

Everyday Llama

A llama for you, and you, and you!


Random photos of planes.


Berlin: Here comes the sun β˜€


Randomly generates blurbs to hypothetical murder mystery novels.


Fractal trees, and stuff.

City Pairs

Cities that share the same name.


Finding expiring domain names.


A bot that posts early Minecraft screenshots.


Tracking daily changes to OpenStreetMap with MapComplete.


Now playing 🎡

Book dedications bot

This one’s for you.


No more re-using your old screams!

New Yorker Evangelion Bot

Randomly pairs a screenshot from Neon Genesis Evangelion with a New Yorker cartoon caption.


Your number one source for random animal trains.


A fake Pokemon every 30 minutes!


A bot that posts random stills from John Woo's 1997 film Face/Off once a day.


Tag the bot under a picture and receive your .PNG

Multiverse Coordinates

In an infinite multiverse, it's nice to know where you are.

My Spelunky Stories

@tinysubversions really loves Spelunky!


Random satellite images from Portugal.

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