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A bot that generates fake Dance Dance Revolution song names.


Practice these cool chord progressions!

Lyric Lick Bot


The KPOP Concept Bot

Celebrating the unique randomness of KPOP music videos!

Arpeggio Bot

Automatic chord progressions.

Arnold Schoenbot

A twelve-tone musical bot.

Rae Sremmurd Slowly Drifting Apart

Sremmlife album cover, but Swae Lee and Slim Jimmy slowly grow farther apart.

Doodle Animal Glee Club

Animal doodles and songs.

If you can Ling Ling slowly…

You can Ling Ling quickly!

Hegelian Husband

Bots are presuppositional and the basis for all possible ontological thought.


Automated music reviews.

ARP Observatory

Studying audio signals from outside the solar system.

Graphic Scores

Graphic scores for musicians, composers, and everyone else

Daily Piano Scales

Learn the musical scales your teacher hid from you.

Resenha Bot

Instant music critic, in Portuguese.


I only listen to @mountain_goats, and now I make up my own lyrics.


What if we could create an API that served random genres?


Celebrating $10 by Hitchhiker.


Moonlight, Bowie lyrics, and stardust companionship.


A Manchester Orchestra lyrics Twitter bot.


Autocomplete Rap


Smells Like Bot Spirit!


Eleanor Rigbot, searching for tweets that will fit in the scheme of this rhyme, what will it find?


"I got a head with wings"

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