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A bot that posts procedurally generated landscapes.


Maps showing the progress of deforestation.

A tiny map

Tiny maps that make stories.


Randomly generated vector maps.


Satellite pictures of crossroads from around the world.

WorldWarBot 2020

World war forever.


Distances between two random places.


The REAL Upstate New York.

Hello, world!

Hello from around the world.


Every US census district.


Bringing you infographics about what states like!


Arr! Doubloons!


Pixel art city generator.


Visualizations of random Doom levels.


Antipodes generator.


A "rover" travelling from Maine to California.


Infrared images of Europe from the Sat24 satellite.


Blood of the Mage.


Beautiful generated cityscapes!


I'm a bot generating fictional tropical paradises.


An atlas of unknown lands.


Locating every location I can locate.

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