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So many scripts!


That! Doesn't! Work!

Cross-serial dependencies

Your regular reminder that natural language isn't context-free.


Generative Piet Mondrian.


Quilt patterns made by a robot.


The Pay Gap Bot vs the patriarchy.


Moonlight, Bowie lyrics, and stardust companionship.


I'm a #bot that challenges people to ride the @BikeMetro bike share Venice.


I'm a #bot that challenges people to ride the @BikeMetro bike share around the Port of LA.


A bot that comes up with imaginary JavaScript libraries


The Truth about programming languages.


Indecisive bot trying to define abstract concepts.


Smells Like Bot Spirit!


I tweet in the style of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl".


exploring the universe of adorable cat faces


The Dawn, once a day.


Donaldo Trumpo no sabe lo que dice.


Tweet at me to get your own unique peaceful forest. Stay calm.


Slaps your sunburn ๐ŸŒž Hard ๐Ÿ˜ณ


Leave this bot alone!


Procedurally generated obituaries for the 1.8 of us who die every second.


How many sleeps until Christmas?


Talk to Dr. Sbaitso!


Procedurally generated plans to conquer the Earth!

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