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Anic T. Wae

The first non-human newspaper columnist.

Control connected CheerLights worldwide from the Fediverse!


Play old games on Discord!

Multiverse Coordinates

In an infinite multiverse, it's nice to know where you are.

Wizard Roll Call

Some of the many wizards from the history of a fantastic world.


Random people living random lifes in a random town. A literary (and almost poetic) bot.


Your mini moral dilema delivered to your Twitter timeline every couple of hours


A Twitter bot that plays Doom.


A bot that satirizes antivaxxers’ unlikely stories about supposed vaccine side effects.


Defancify unaccessible tweets


Describe a color and this bot shows it to you.


Practice these cool chord progressions!


Your new Soundpainting exercises.

Hero’s Journey Bot | @monomyth_maker

Pulp fantasy writing/game prompts.


Explore machine learning and data science interactively on Twitter!


A bot that announces tweets in need of ALT text.



Remind me of this tweet

Here's your reminder!

Jeopardy Bot

Play Jeopardy! on Slack!


Need an idea for your next D&D hero?


Random items from's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

Doodle Animal Glee Club

Animal doodles and songs.


Play chess on Twitter.

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