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Learning to identify amphibians and reptiles.

Tweet me SCSS!

Your friendly neighborhood CSS renderer!

Jeopardy Bot

Play Jeopardy! on Slack!


Information from the US/Mexico border.

Cats That Don’t Exist

Cats and cat-like creatures, made by AI.


Randomly generates pilots, mecha, squads, and missions for BEAM SABER, the tabletop game designed by Austin Ramsay.


Need an idea for your next D&D hero?

Old Fashioned Caller

A friendly bot that fulfills your request to be called old fashioned.

Community Plant

Just a plant growing on Twitter.


Random items from's Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality.

Rambla Rosae

Filling Twitter with roses one tweet at a time.


Gotta translate 'em all!

Doodle Animal Glee Club

Animal doodles and songs.


Play chess on Twitter.


Random art challenges.

Facepalm Bot

A bot for when you really need a facepalm.

Cat Poem Generator

Generative poems about cats.

If you can Ling Ling slowly…

You can Ling Ling quickly!


You are famous on Botnet.

BBC Micro Bot

Runs your tweet on an 8-bit computer emulator.

Roll The Dice

Randomly rolls dice every so often.


Visualizing random graphs.


A bot to help block and track blocked users.

Control Tower

The best bot to slack off at work.


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