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A bot that announces tweets in need of ALT text.


Get reminded to add alt-texts to images


Locating the ISS.

Prisoner’s Dilemma Bot

Two members of a criminal gang are arrested and imprisoned.

Shania Bot

Let's go girls!

**** Decoder

Deciphering redacted tweets.


Rendering turtleSpaces Logo code in 3D space.




Exploring Spotify.


Automatic image captioning.

Tweeters Play Games

Let's play a game, on Twitter!

Remind me of this tweet

Here's your reminder!


A bot that converts images with emoji.


Play Snake with others, right on Twitter!


A vote-to-play poker game on Twitter.


Public declarations from Pphnarg, the Lord of the Dragons, to his subjects.


Running your code in a Linux command line.

Apple II BASIC Bot

Run your Applesoft BASIC code on an Apple II.

Atari 8-bit Bot

Running your Atari BASIC, TurboBASIC XL, Logo, PILOT, Action! and Assembly code.


Counting down!

Π’witter Plays Snake



"Converts stuff."


Play a game of hangman.

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